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Vlad Dracula "Sybre" the Impaler is the founder and owner of Superiornatural Inc. and leader of the Impaler Squad.


When Sybre was born, he was dying of an unknown disease without a cure. Sybre's father panicked and took him to the Shadow Mages in hopes of saving his son. The Mages were unable to cure the baby, so they left him to die in peace. However, the Shadow Master, the leader of the Shadow Mages, entered the room with a vial of blood. Without hesitation, he injected the blood into the child. Sure enough, the baby was cured, including the ability to walk. He began rampaging through the Shadow Dimension, destroying everything he saw, drinking blood and eating souls. The Shadow Mages had eventually come to a reluctant desicion. Without telling Sybre's parents, they let him off into the world. What happened after that is largely unknown.

He eventually founded Superiornatural Inc. when learning of the recent worldwide monster outbreak. He leads the Impaler Squad when on the field.


  • Sybre was once a magician. He was so powerful, he could change night to day and day to night. He first did this in the Chupacabra Mission.
  • He may be a vampire, but he has no classic weaknesses.
  • Sybre is also a former comic maker.
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