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Rodney Irea Calib is a Superiornatural Inc. veteran in the Impaler Squad. He is always prepped and ready for a mission, especially if it involves kissing a few bullets goodbye.

History[edit | edit source]

People say Rodney, the oldest child of the wealthy Calib family, was born with a gun in his hand. His father, a gun addict, would teach Rodney how to hold and shoot a gun right after the toddler took his first steps. When Rodney could talk, he and his father would go hunting for hours, sometimes even camping out with their kills for dinner. When Rodney's time for education had come, his father privately homeschooled him. If Rodney did great on his schoolwork, his father would reward him with some gun time. However, this routine didn't last for two years.

11-year-old Rodney and his father were out on a hunting trip in a dense forest one summer day when Mr. Calib had accidentaly mistaken another hunter for a deer and tried to shoot him. In self defence, the other hunter retaliated by shooting back, hitting Mr. Calib square in the center of the chest. When the hunter saw that Rodney had a gun of his own, he ran off, leaving Rodney to cradle his dying father's head. Mr. Calib died in the forest that day, turning Rodney into a trigger-happy beast killer. When he was fourteen, he quit school to join Superiornatural Inc. "to make his father proud", receiving education from a private tutor via webcam. Upon turning sixteen, he became a veteran and was assigned to the Impaler Squad, the best known squad in the company.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rodney's last name, Calib, is a pun off Caliber, the approximate diameter of the inside of a gun barrel in relation to the diameter of the projectile used in it.
  • Rodney's middle name, Irea, is a chunk of letters taken out of the word "firearm".
  • The inside of Rodney's Kanohi Miru has the words "Papa Calib" written in permenant ink in honor of his dead father.

    The Sharpshooter Badge.

  • Rodney is on the Sharpshooter badge, which can be achieved when making the thousanth edit on this wiki!
  • Rodney might be a squad leader in the possible Season 2. See Rumors.
  • Rodney was originally a main character of a series Sybre never released. Rodney, along with Nick and Hal, were set to die in the beginning of the planned season 2 of the scrapped series after falling off an abnormally tall waterfall.
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