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Jaden Lee Shot

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Active, temporarily inactive at beginning of Season 2

The Power Squad is the second greatest squad Superiornatural Inc. currently has, the first being the Impaler Squad, causing a heated rivalry between both squads.

Squad History[edit | edit source]

Jaden Lee Shot was originally a rookie like Hal until Sybre himself promoted Jaden to squad leader and allowed him to start a squad. Jaden chose Mac Nailer, Willy Franksten, Trinity Swan, and Lynn Ann Star to be his teammates. Recieving cool powers and clad in colorful costumes, together, they were the Power Squad. They often did their dirty work on target creatures with various weapons that would somehow make the creatures blow up. Right when the creature does so, the team turns around and poses as the monster explodes behind them. After a few missions, they were attacked by someone wearing a green version of their team uniform with golden Nuva armor on top when going after Bigfoot. The green stranger kept the Power Squad from completing their mission and another squad had to finish it. The Power Squad decided they'd already had enough with the green guy and fought him. When green was defeated, he was revealed to be an old friend of Jaden, Timmy Allover. Timmy told the squad that a witch who lived in the forest where they were trying to kill Bigfoot in had cast a spell on Timmy and gave him a green version of the Power Squad's uniform. The squad defeated the witch with Timmy's help, the newcomer kept his powers, and he joined the squad.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

In Season 2, the squad members except Willy lose their powers and resign, but Timmy stays. Willy helps Ricky DeSandis, a new squad leader, reform the Power Squad with the recruits Alan Lark, Kayla Boyarde, and Cathy Millern, donning the exact costumes as the previous members. Tim Allover, a clone of Timmy, took his place as the green colored member because Timmy, now using a white costume with black Nuva armor, was chosen for the new select squad. The reformed Power Squad continued to do missions aftewards.

Members[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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